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Default BFGtech 6800GT Fan Problems!!! help!

Ok guys heres the situation...

I started noticing very very high temps on my video card, like it would get to the point where its almost 120 degrees celcius and it would turn the cards power down so taht it woudlnt overheat anymore... I was reading around about how the stock hs/fan is terrible so I went out and got the arctic cooling NV silencer 5 Revision 3.. I am starting to think the fan that originally came with the card died as well or something... since the temps were so high.

I installed this unit fine but for some reason the fan doesn't work.... The card works fine and the fan is plugged into the spot on the video card but the fan still doesn't work and I dont understand why...

Has anyone else encountered this problem or have any solutions to this?

Thanks so much!

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Default Re: BFGtech 6800GT Fan Problems!!! help!

cmon guys, no one has any ideas?? I am starting to think it is not a problem with the vid card at all since my stock fan didn';t spin either.. I even hooked up a power cable directly from PSU to video card with nothing inbetween and it still wont work... The fan moves slightly every 2 seconds, like it is trying to spin but does nothing...
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Default Re: BFGtech 6800GT Fan Problems!!! help!

If you put on a different HSF ,then I would use a adapter and just plug in the signal wire on the card and hook up the fan wires to a 4 pin molex off the power supply or one of the floppy molex plugs if you can fine one.that way you know the fan is getting the power.
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