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Default Re: Star Wars Galaxies..........

IMO, it was a total waste of time. Most of the servers had constant lag spikes, not to mention the whole fact you could only have 1 char per server was kinda weak..

Really not worth the monthly bill.
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Default Re: Star Wars Galaxies..........

I despise this game...it's a shallow piece of crap. You'd be much better off playing KotOR if you're a huge SW fan, or, if you just want a good MMORPG, wait for Guild Wars or Worlds of Warcraft.
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Default Re: Star Wars Galaxies..........

I played GW over the weekend and after playing for about 6-8 hours I uninstalled it and will never allow it to soil my hard drive again... not worth the time to even install it and download it.

WoW on the other hand is vastly superior (although I won't be playing the retail of it either). WoW is going to give EQ2 and any other MMORP a serious bit of competition.

As for SW related games, KOTOR is still the king and I'm anxiously awaiting KOTOR 2

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Default Re: Star Wars Galaxies..........

Wow, sorry to hear the game is a P.O.S. It looked like it could have been fun flying an xwing to another planet and meet new beings.

I pre ordred EQ2 instead. The game card was only $14.95 for 30 days, unlike SWG wich forces you to have to purchase a 60 or 90 day game card to play.
You have to pay double or tripple the cost. There is a 30 day card for EQ2, but not for SWG, wtf is with that?
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Default Re: Star Wars Galaxies..........

Originally Posted by Sovereignxp
Hi, Im thinking of getting Star Wars Galaxies...
Are you thinking about sawing off your penis with a rusty bread knife too?

SWG is crap. Its very addictive for sure (they want their monthly fee out of you), but its not actually fun most of the time. You will play it for hours a day because the world has lots of time-sinks and the persistant world penalizes you if you don't login at least every other day (e.g. moving your mining equipment, paying rent on your house etc). Most of the time you will be doing the same stupid boring crap to level up in professions that still have the same bugs from the beta and still have features that are incomplete.

When you do finally master your target profession, you realize that there is nothing to do. You can do the "cave" areas, killing 100 pirates / minocks / space-weasels and finally reach the mad-loot at the end (2 apples and a small container of dirt), or maybe you can do the PvP battlegrounds, win a glorious victory for the rebellion/empire... which has absolutely no affect on the persistant world at all.

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Default Re: Star Wars Galaxies..........

its crap man.
plain and simple..
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Default Re: Star Wars Galaxies..........

Originally Posted by thunderhippo
its crap man.
plain and simple..

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Default Re: Star Wars Galaxies..........

Don't listen to people, If it was such crap thousands of people wouldn't be playing it. Everyone has there own taste, I know people who have been playing it since release. Sure its not the best but they are enjoying it, try it out. Thats why theres a free month with the game, if you don't like it cancel and you don't have to worry about paying for the fee. You can even download the client I believe for free from the website and get a free 15 day trial I believe.

I thought the game was ok thanks to its freedom in the growth aspect but Im not a big fan of SciFi MMORPGs so I couldn't get absorbed into it.
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