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Originally posted by DadGT
I know David Kirk isn't usually giving many hints about real future products. I think his "at the moment" statement really was about what was out or really close to being out. I don't think he said NV30 will not be 256 bits at all.

Slightly related to this. I went back to look at the Parhelia specs. Am I missing something or is the 256 bit interfaceof the Parhelia not muliplexed? By that I mean something like nvidia's crossbar where the 128 bit is actually 4x32 bits. I know ATI went multiplex with R300. Seems this could play a significant role in effective memory bandwidth use.
yup, Matrox seems to have used the brute force approach with Parhelia. i also suspect that their drivers aren't as optimized as they could be.
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there are few optimization in the Parhelia MB. However keep in mind that it has as lower pixel fill rate which does not really help it too much. The fact it beats a GF4 with HighRes, Max FSAA and AF shows that it does have some power their. But not the most efficent use of bandwidth at all.

You can take David's words in a number of different ways. I also will see if I can get a english version of that review as there were plenty of them floating around. Also keep in mind that 256 bit memory != 256 bit address bus. Again from reading a few different reviews where it was really easy to see that he did not tink where a memory like that was needed.
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