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Old 11-14-02, 11:29 PM   #13
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I myself didnt like the game that much..most servers are laggy and when u finally get connected to a good server you get disconnected after playing for a few minutes. I didnt like the graphics on tha game that much. The screenshots and video's taken from the game look great but when i played the demo things are a little blocky. the character models on the are a little less detailed.
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Old 11-15-02, 12:20 AM   #14
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I've been playing the demo for some 4 to 5 hours now and I can't stop. Graphics, gameplay, weapons... everything looks good to me. But it's true that most (if not all) servers out there are laggy. I'm sure that better servers will pop up soon, but right now it's hard to find a good game. There's also one really annoying bug: once in a while I simply spawn without a weapon. What's up with that...

I'm still hppy with the demo
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Old 11-15-02, 01:08 AM   #15
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what resolution are u playin at?
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Old 11-15-02, 10:16 AM   #16
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Im playing at 1280*960, dont know what is up with the lag though, yes I too am seeing laggy servers. I have had the demo since the unoffical release last week and last week it seemed to be less laggy. The no weapons bug was there last week and I would have thought that they had fixed it before the offical release, but to me it seems to be the exact same demo I think for the most part the demo is good, alot people are having problems and alot are not.
Here is a pic, with FSAA but I cannot use it in game, even though it runs smooth, with only 64mb mem on card, using high textures + high res + FSAA 64mb just doesnt cut it and my pc reboots itself after 20-30

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Old 11-16-02, 12:59 PM   #17
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Default The game works...

The first day i downloaded all the servers hadn't been set up yet. So i couldn't find a good one..i almost uninstalled...TODAY, saturday, there's tons of servers, good ping, and good play.
I like...
I don't know what the guy's prob with the ubi soft software was...you don't have to use it..you can cancel out of that and still play.
You just have to set up some sort of user account...no big deal.
I've been having fun for a couple of hours...movement is jerky, such as it is in BF1942 online..but other than that...good graphics, good death sequences and lots of creeping around in the dark with nightvision...rock!
Peace through war in the digital realm...
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Old 11-16-02, 05:25 PM   #18
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does anyone know if there is a way to display the framerate in this demo?

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Old 11-16-02, 05:26 PM   #19
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Thumbs up

use fraps.
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I found the controls on this game to be absolutely diabolical.. jumping and lurching all over the place.. It really reminded me of some 24 hour game contest.. Very poor..
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