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Default Re: EverQuest 2 performance discussion thread

Pretty obvious this game is cpu limited with ram also playing a significant role.

I guess that's why maybe i'm not ready for it because my system isn't. If i can't play the game with at least a combo of balanced and high quality but more so balanced, then for me there's no point. I'm a gamer that wants to be visually stimulated aswell as enjoy the gameplay. I didn't break the piggy bank for the 6800gt so i could play a game that doesn't look better than something i played a few years ago and then at half the frames.

I have an a64, 6800gt, 1 gig ram. I'll probably start playing this game when i do the big upgrade to dual core cpu'd and 2 gig ram.

Yes, all those wads who think i'm not a true gamer can now flame me.
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Lightbulb Re: EverQuest 2 performance discussion thread

Guys you do know that sometimes server can get overloaded one some peak hours and just lag you to death , brings fps way down , and that got nothing to do with graphic settings be it High Quality or Performance. Depends on what server you play i guess .
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Cool Re: EverQuest 2 performance discussion thread

One of the most annoying things for me is that whenever I complain about performance issues in Everquest 2 some idiot tells me that I should tweak my performance settings or assumes that I'm running everything at the highest possible settings.

Look, just because EQ2 works fine on your computer does not mean that other people are not having problems, or that they're idiots who don't know how to tweak the settings. My wife and I have almost identical systems in the clockspeed and memory areas, and while I can barely run the game she has no problems at all.

I have a Pentium 4 processor running at 3.4gHz, with 1 met L2 cache and 2 gigs of RAM. I do not have a crap system. The main differences between my wife's computer and mind is that mine is a laptop and hers is a desktop.

My game settings have already been tweaked. My system has been tweaked to an incredible degree. And still, with a high-speed cable connection and over 1 gig of memory free while EQ2 is running, the game still plays like crap. If, as someone suggested, Sony has designed EQ2 with future video cards in mind, that's small consolation to those of us who'd like to play it today.

And before anyone can go analyzing me or my system, I should point out that my main character is level 42 and my secondary is 37. I am not a newcomer to EQ2. For a long time EQ2 played fine on my system. But in the past six months or so, I have noticed the game getting slower and slower with each succesive patch, eventually reaching the point where I am now, where I literally cannot play the game at even a modest framerate. This suggests that there is a programming problem. Something that Sony is doing that is nerfing the game.

If EQ2 works fine on your system, I'm happy for you. I think it's great. But don't pat the rest of us on the head if we're having problems. I contend that if we were to compare out systems and our settings, as my wife and I have done, you find no easy explanation as to why her system runs EQ2 so much better than mine. I suspect it has something to do with my video card, but my system is far from being a push-over.

I know how to tweak the settings, and I have done so. But at this point, there is simply nothing left to tweak.

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Default Re: EverQuest 2 performance discussion thread

Way to bump a 4 month old thread...
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Default Re: EverQuest 2 performance discussion thread

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Way to bump a 4 month old thread...
Way to be a forum troll...

theres nothing old about tweaking eq2.

ive noticed its running really good lately, the new cpu lets me turn everything up higher too.
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Default Re: EverQuest 2 performance discussion thread

eq2 runs ok for me with x2 @ 2ghz, 2 gigs of cas2.5 ram (2 sticks of 1 gig) and gf6800gt (256 megs).

But, my screen resolution is only 1152x684 (all my crt will handle at 100 refresh, anything less makes my eyes tired), and i have shadows and grass off (makes it easier for me to see things that matter, like collection glowies and chests), also I have pixel shader completely off. Pixel shader made game look better for me when I had ati 9800 pro, but with nvidia it just makes everything blurry when I am moving, just ugly (it happens to me with all drivers ever since I started using nvidia card, the card was originally on a 32 bit amd board, so it is somethign about how the card handles it, not system).

So all these features I have off I do not miss at all. When I raided I had textures options set to 256 meg card, but now that I pretty much only solo, I run them at maximum, and I really do not notice texture swapping anymore, even though my card is only 256 megs. Oh I also run it now at 2xQ antialisansing and 16x aniso. I probably only get 20-30 fps, but its enough for me and feels smooth, lol.
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Default Re: EverQuest 2 performance discussion thread

Go under shadows and set it to min via the drop down box, then untick all other options under the the box in that section. Turning off flora helps too or setting their view distance to min. I strongly suggest killing shadows if you are having performance issues because they are done entirely on the CPU in EQ II.
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