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Default The news so far...

Yesterday I checked my configuration and updated it to the following - without any crashes so far (fingers crossed...):

- added "mem=nopentium" to boot parms
- reinstalled the glx driver as I had a "failed to load glx extension" (selfcompiled)
- built agpart as module instead of kernel included, set NVagp to auto -> uses agpart module; had "failed to verify agp usage" before
- reinstalled nvdriver module (selfcompiled)
- added "tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs..." to fstab and checked shared mem. config

Now my XFree log is clean again and I had no lockups. Had one X-restart, but maybe caused by another program (server killed and immediately restarted).

- Athlon 1000 FSB 133
- ECS K7VZA (KT 133A)
- 2.4.19 from kernel.org
- gcc 2.95.3
- 384 MB RAM
- Geforce 2MX
- XFree 4.2.1
- nvdriver/glx 3123

All software on my system is compiled by myself using the gcc 2.95.3 as I use linux from scratch system.


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" I don't know what they use to build the OpenGL driver. "

F.i libgGL.so.1.0.3123 and libGL.core (GLX package) are compiled with gcc 2.91.66.

Do simply a grep or use a binary editor with a search option and you will see.
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Old 12-08-02, 10:18 AM   #15
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Default Waahhh!!! Still no go, tried almost everything...

Unfortunately, all I've tried so far was completely with no result. The only thing that affects is disabling antialiasing support for QT3 - but then fonts look like hell. So I switch back to the nv driver module - I don't use 3D that much...

Originally posted by bwkaz
Also normal for X. On my system (X 4.2.0 from source, 3123 drivers), which doesn't experience these lockups, X's VSZ is ~300MB according to ps.
I'm quite sure this is NOT normal. Moved the whole configuration (incl. X, QT, KDE) to another PC with different Card (NeoMagic chipset). Size (according to PS/TOP) here is about 24000 (NOT MB!!).
Disabling almost everything in NVidia server didn't change everything; right after starting X by simply invoking "X" (i.e., with absolutely no apps) I get a Size of approx. 250 MB!

Switched back to the nv module gave me a Size of <70000, RSS 15M with a running X and apps started. IMHO this definetly is a problem of the X driver.

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OK. I have good news.

I'm trying 4194. It seems stable (just a few hours of test though)

But a friend of mine sent me a patch for the 3123 kernel driver. With this patch, X worked 24h without crashing. Seemed to be stable )

If 4194 still crashes, I'll put this patch on a ftp. Just one problem: what is exactly the license of the nvidia kernel driver ?
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