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Unhappy Geforce FX Go5700 problems.

i cant get the linux drivers to work with my card. i've looked everywhere i can but i cant find anything special i need to setup. all i get after an install is a blank screen, thats it. i cant get back to shut X down so i have to reboot every time. anyone know how to fix this.
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Default Re: Geforce FX Go5700 problems.

so sad, 19 views and zero responses aside from mine to my own problem.
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Default Re: Geforce FX Go5700 problems.

Do you think that this an X11 problem, or a hardware sort of thing?

There is a lack of information in your post(s), that makes it hard for other forum members to help without probing you for further information.

I don't know your level of *nix experience, so don't get offended if I get all "basic" with my suggestions!

Have you tried using Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, to kill your stalled X session?

Have you tried switching to another virtual terminal (Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F2), to see if you are not really stranded, just that console session?

You did not post any config information or steps that you took to get as far as you did.

I have a nV GeForce 5700 somethingorother & was just messing about with my card settings with xvidtune which was installed by default in my favoured OS (FreeBSD 5.3). There were horrible streaky sections on the screen (a 17" TFT LCD).

Anyway, you've probably given up by now & that's a shame.

I know that nV cards are notoriously difficult to get "right", in any *nix OS, as their drivers are not open source & hence not easy to bugfix etc.

I would however, suggest that you try out FreeBSD 5.3 RELEASE, which at the time of writing, is looking pretty good. It's got an unfriendly installer & gives you a very basic install, but it did not require ANY configuration, to get up & running X! I'd also be better able to help you too, as I know more about FreeBSD than linux.

Good Luck.
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