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Default Weird opengl problem with drivers.

I have a really weird problem on my hands, basicly what I would like to know is that if this has happend to some of you (and if there might be a solution).

I own a Geforce 3 ti 200, It works great with 23.11 drivers, but with newer drivers (those with support for GF4 I think) I get major problems. (this is WinXP btw)

OpenGL games or apps that use it just fails to start. But with some games and such it does work when i set it to win98/me compatibilty. Problem is, some games just dont work very well with compatibility mode set. I also have to go to the task manager and kill the app to end it. Tho it appears to be closed it is still active in the background and making other GL stuff fail to start totaly.

Oh yeah, I had the same problem with my old GF2mx.

My computer is rather old, its an amd K6-2 500 Mhz.
Mobo chipset is Ali M1541 I think.

Thanx in advance
// EciDemon
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I have the same problem.
I have an ALi based motherboard (Asus P5AB) + an old TNT2 Ultra and I have noticed that from the version after the 23.11 all the detonators didn't work well; especially in opengl, they didn't worked at all!
So , I think that Nvidia have "intentionally" disable the ALi 1541 owners to "use" the detonators after the 23.11.
I noticed that also the AGP texturing is disabled (with dxdiag). Until 23.11 I couldn't enable it, but after I have succesfully enable it using the trick "EnableAliAgp" in the registry. This is the only good thing. I get the agp texturing acceleration in directx, but I can't use opengl....
I also noticed that in the detonator 23.11 the opengl is in PCI mode. Try the program GLINFO, you should see in the information panel that the driver is
RIVATNT/PCI/3DNOW! and not RIVATNT/AGP/3DNOW! like in windows 98. This is also strange....
In linux I have no problems!!! AGP is working, and opengl is in AGP mode.... FINE!!! No ALi problem here.... why the problems are only in windows xp/2000 ????
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