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Default Re: Dual Flat panel won't init at same rez

i dunno about your setup, but i'm pretty sure i cant run two monitors at high resos. i use a laptop, the DFP runs at 1920x1200, and i'm pretty sure the external monitor hole is limited to running at 1280x1024 because of bandwidth (i think). i was pretty sure that you said it worked with both monitors at the same time in windows but not linux, but i musta read it wrong. i'm thinking its a bandwidth problem now
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Default Re: Dual Flat panel won't init at same rez

LG have now swapped my older monitor with another of the current version and I now have dual digitally driven 1600x1200 screens in twinview mode. LG will be looking at the older one and trying to duplicate the problem. If they come up with anything I'll pass it on.

I got lucky here. My screens were almost identical and I could point at one and say thats where the problem is. It was also rather handy that I had bought a screen from a company with an interest in solving the problem rather than blaming my other equipment which may after all be what's at fault.
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Red face Re: Dual Flat panel won't init at same rez

Lucky indeed...

I don't know what I should tell IBM (IBM L200P Monitor).

hypothetical conversation with IBM Support:
ME: Change my monitor because it doesn't work with my graphic card over DVI in 1600x1200
IBM: Have You tried another graphic card? Does it work with it?
ME: Yes, another card from ATI works.
IBM: Have You tried the latest drivers for your card?
ME: Yes, the latest drivers from nvidia don't work under both operation systems.
BUT the console VESA mode 1280x1024 is scaled up to 1600x1200 when booting Linux
and the Opensource-Driver works too.
IBM: Have You disabled monitor scalling?
ME: Yes, it's the graphic card which scales VESA to 1600x1200

IBM: SO WHY SHOULD WE REPLACE YOUR MONITOR? You should contact the manufacturer
of your graphiccard and describe the issue.
ME: I've tried, but i get no respone.

see http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=42084
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