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this is sparta
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Default i update my driver and....

ok now.. i update my drivers with new version of Xtreme G 71.81 ( download here ) and i run 3dmark05 test..
with nvidia driver i got 5153 marks
with Tweaks R Us XTreme G Quality version i got 5178 marks
then i play little with driver
with performance installation i got 5324 marks
with high quality i got 4122 marks
i test new 71.81 driver with QUALITLY installation and i got NEW RECORD 5408 marks
then i run CS Source video stress and hoping of getting better fps but i got same sh**.. WTF how is that possible? i think someone is cheating with drivers..
oh.. that was my little test
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Default Re: i update my driver and....

Hey, tell me what you get with Xtreme G 71.81 drivers and high quality. I get 4560 on 3dmark05. No i dont change any of the options in 3dmark or under the display settings.
I saw that you got 4100 with an older driver, and I have been trying to find someone with almost the same set up using the same drivers as myself.

With XG 67.66b drivers i get 5350 under quality settings.
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