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Default How low can you go?

359 3DMark05
Is my system badly set up or is this all you can expect with:

AMD Athlon 2800+ Barton
512Mb pc3200
Nvidia GeForce Fx 5700 LE
win xp sp2
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Default Re: How low can you go?

Well all the tests are PS2.0 based, and a 5700LE isn't exactly the best PS2.0 card out there... so that sounds about right.
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Joe Public
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Default Re: How low can you go?

On my other rig which has a P4-2.4 along with a 5600 Ultra I got 452 points in '05. Card was clocked to 450/900, driver was 61.77 at the time.
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Default Re: How low can you go?

I get 650 with my 5700U so your score is fine (for that card)
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Daneel Olivaw
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Default Re: How low can you go?

my 1100 = slightly faster slideshow, oh yeah
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Default Re: How low can you go?

My Dell C610 scores 115 in 3DMark03. Thats with the awesome 16mb Radeon Mobility!
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Arrow Re: How low can you go?

Your score sounds normal. 941 in 3Dmark05 for my 5900U/Barton 3000+/PC3500.
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