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Default The grass is far greener here, and nVidia talks about it.

Originally Posted by David Kirk on Extremetech
David Kirk: nVidia supports open-source software platforms. Linux is a small fraction of a percent of our user base, and we devote far more energy and effort to making robust and performant Linux drivers than that. My sense is that developers on those platforms are quite happy with our efforts, particularly considering the alternatives!
From http://www.extremetech.com/article2/...1745056,00.asp


*pats nVidia on the back*

I'm not a dev but I'm real happy too
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Default Re: The grass is far greener here, and nVidia talks about it.

Interesting part was where Mr. Kirk suggested that nVidia might publish more of the technical specifications and interface details of their GPUs in the future. That would make it theoretically possible to create a new open source driver. I've no issues with the way nVidia handle their drivers, speaking as a consumer, but on the other hand, many feet squash more bugs!

I've bought enough nVidia cards over the years to feel that I have the right to express my desires for an OSS/FS driver. Certainly, their support for Linux have been THE MAIN REASON that I have bought nVidia cards repeatedly in recent years, and the reason that I recommend them to anyone who asks my advice. I hope that the company are aware that some of their customers feel this way, and continue to support Linux ever more strongly.

The company could quite easily establish a commanding share of the Linux desktop market from their current position. None of their competitors have a comparable offering of drivers for Linux, although some do make a perfunctory effort.
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Default Re: The grass is far greener here, and nVidia talks about it.

I switched from ati not long ago to nvidia, and the only reason for me was the state of the linux drivers, I bought the ati card a while ago when they started supporting linux, thinking their drivers would improve.... they didn't, and now I'm back on nvidia hardware.
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