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Old 08-05-02, 06:47 PM   #13
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say, I also don't believe Unreal 2 will be the exact bloody same. Structure maybe, but not play by the sounds of it. (I've kept up with it)
Then theres Mace Griffin coming out, a single player game that you ought to check out....
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Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter looks pretty cool. I really enjoyed Battle Realms and Freedom Force, so hopefully Mace Griffin is another solid title by Crave. Woo! (I'm also looking forward to The Lost, which will be a console title, also by Crave Entertainment).
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Default Re: A big moan about today's gaming market

Half-Life 2 was the last good game I played. Gaming hasn't been the same for me since. Better graphics, but nothing is fun, once I get passed the shiny objects, I see, quickly, how shallow the gameplay is.
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Default Re: A big moan about today's gaming market


CaptN said no bumping old threads without reason!
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Default Re: A big moan about today's gaming market

Old thread revival detected!

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Default Re: A big moan about today's gaming market

for ****s sake quit bringing back old threads. You should be banned.
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Default Re: A big moan about today's gaming market

I can understand it, when you are posting in a games thread, like digging the HL2 thread itself or when it is me doing the digging, but this dig serves no purpose.

For shame!
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Old 04-07-08, 07:17 PM   #20
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Default Re: A big moan about today's gaming market

If you are a gamer maximus? Someone that buys game after game and plays 4 - 6 hours a day? It's easy to get burnt out. For sure and the word of the day is "Jaded".

I'm ok though. Still having fun!

I have been gaming since around the time of Kings Quest I and the first Flight Simulator and prior to that Colecovision or whatever the hell it was. I breifly had a Vic 20. My first real PC was an 8086 Tandy XL something or other which I have in my attic.


I have been playing a long time. But very little console. I am a game a month kind of guy. I play 1 to 3 hours per sitting depending on real life. To give an example of recent stuff...

What I have dug recently? Bioshock (yes I liked SS2 as well). It was great. Entertained (which is all that matters) from start to finish. Then COD4. Loved the production value! Linear to be sure but still great for me. Then there was Galactic Civilizations II. Nice. Looking at Sins of a Solar Empire as I have played my GalCivII right out of me. But VERY recently discovered Vampire the Masqurade Bloodlines. Got it for $15 used but mint condition. Having fun! Community patched to near bug freeness. Apparently I should not miss that game. So I am playing it. I have Orange Box on the shelf so I can finally play Portal and EP2.

Bottom line is when I am out of decent games to play, I turn to my other love on the PC. simulations. I eagerly await Battle of Britain from Madox or whoever they are. I LOVE WWII Flight Combat Sims. I am seriously looking into FlightSimX also if that does not arrive soon. I will likely go back to some rally fun with my wheel and peddals with Richard Burns Rally and also some Live for Speed or Race 07 or even GTR2.

I find I dont have enough time to spend on the games I love. So I guess I am the opposite.

I don't expect a steady stream of weekly games that are better than the last. I appreciate each one I get and I don't allow myself to go into overload. For me that is the key.

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Default Re: A big moan about today's gaming market

This thread is 6 years old...
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