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Daneel Olivaw
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Default Abit under fire


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Default Re: Abit under fire

Yup.. this is why I stick with either Soyo, Gigabyte or ASUS
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Default Re: Abit under fire

Oh yeah, I heard about this...even still, if I have to get a new mobo, I think I'll still get the NF7-S rev. 2.
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Default Re: Abit under fire

Originally Posted by superklye
Oh yeah, I heard about this...even still, if I have to get a new mobo, I think I'll still get the NF7-S rev. 2.
Yeah, not really new news and innocent until proven guilty last time I checked. Also note that the NF7 series is not listed.
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Default Re: Abit under fire

Yea thats a bumber. For the last few times I had to get a new mobo, I have gotten Abit N-froce Mobos. And have had 0 problems with them.....
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Default Re: Abit under fire

The Abit NF7s 2.0 was and still is the best mb I've ever owned.
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Default Re: Abit under fire

I thought that too, then both the PS2 ports died, the mic port never worked on the on in my second pc (the one that I actually wanted a mic on). Then there was installing my 6800GT, because of the large HS I couldn't have anything plugged into IDE1 while I had my card in. Then, my primary PC died, yep, was the motherboard.

No more Abit for me.
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Default Re: Abit under fire

ABIT is a great overclocking board...HOWEVER...the Fans on them break, go out, pop off...at my work(pcclub with jakup), these are the stats:

Myself: gigabyte ik1100, no probs
tech1: msi 865neofi2sr, no probs
tech2: Abit ic7-g northbridge fan popped off(broke)
Sales1: Abit ic7-g Dead board
Sales2: Abit ic7 northbridge fan broke off
Sales3: Abit max3 mosfet fan went out

so i would say DONT buy ABIT!!! altho their SATA RAID drivers are VERY good unlike gigabyte or MSI.
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Default Re: Abit under fire

That's ridicilous. I've have two Soltek and a MSI board with these faulty capacitors, but two Abit that doesn't have them. I doubt any manufacturer knew that all capacitors coming from this factory were defective... I mean, it's not exactly a common thing for defective components being sold on such a large scale. Isn't there a website that explains that these caps were due to a company stealing another company's incomplete formula? That company should be sued if anything.

I don't expect any company to repair or replace every single motherboard... it would be a loss on a huge scale. I rather see them putting the money into developing new awesome boards.
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