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Default A problem with NVLan

I recently bought a system based on the EPox EP-9NDA3+ motherboard. Everything works smooth except for the NVLan. No matter what I plug into it, be it cable modem, router, another computer via cross-over cable, the NVLan detects the connection for a brief second, and then drops the connection. It then repeats this finding and dropping the connection process every 2 or 3 seconds. The problem isn't the drivers as this problem precists during bootup, safemode, startup, dos and linux.
The epox techs so far recommended I go into my setup and enable NVLan MAC Support, as well as enter a MAC Address. I have tried enabling the MAC support and using the default MAC address, but when saving and exiting, the settings revert back to MAC support disabled. I have also tried entering random mac addresses, but it simply refuses to save.
Did anyone experience a similar problem, or have a possible solution?
Thanks in advance,
-Evgeny Ternovsky
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Default Re: A problem with NVLan

Check and see if the pins on the LAN connecter are not pushed in to far for good contact. If that isn't it then most likely you will have to RMA the board because the LAN is no good.
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Default Re: A problem with NVLan

Is the Onboard LAN feature in the BIOS turned on?
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Default Re: A problem with NVLan

try buying a new modem
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please keep in mind that as of
UPDATED AS OF 8/29/05 (new)
I installed new memory and new mobo
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