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Question FarCry: Graphics bugs, Fast Writes, render modes.. (6600 GT)

So I decided to buy the game then. There's a graphics 'bug' that's troubling me. Time to time (several times a minute) when moving I can see light cyan-colored flickers on textures. The game graphics also quite often just freeze in place for around 4 to 10 seconds. Any ideas/questions? I am running the game with all settings on very high, 1024x786 32bit, aa 4x and af level 4. The game has been patched (1.3).

I'd also like to know how do the render modes Paradise, Default and Improved differ from each other?

And finally, I've read that enabling fast writes in the bios improves game performance. However, I can't find such setting in my setup. What does this setting actually do and can it be enabled in some other way?
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Default Re: FarCry: Light cyan flashes, game pauses and more.. (6600 GT)

bah i just formatted, someone hook this guy up w/ a link to the ultimate bios guide or whatever its called.
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Default Re: FarCry: Light cyan flashes, game pauses and more.. (6600 GT)

First of all, You can not use FSAA with the HDR lighting on, it will look very odd if you do (weapon only rendering on the horison etc).

Dunno if its present on 6600 line of cards but alot of ppl got micro pauses with Fast write enabled on 6800 cards. I never experienced that problem but i still have it dissabled as it gives me better OC for some reason and thro testing ive found it better to leave it off in my rig.

The difference of Paradise, cold etc etc are just the colors. Take a few screen shots from the same place and you'll see the difference.
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Default Re: FarCry: Light cyan flashes, game pauses and more.. (6600 GT)

what driver version
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