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Default Re: Will the 1st dual cores choke current games?

Originally Posted by nvnews-reader
I think they are going to release Opterons and FX chips first. dual core 64s will come out in 06. Unless Intel starting killing them in desktop sales.



Anyhow, Intel is shooting themselves in the foot...unless miraculously somehow they can release a dual core CPU that's faster on each core than their current flagship.

Intel has never even been a consideration for me since...oh 1999. When I decie what CPU to buy, I decide upon which speed of AMD processor (or, for laptop, which powerbook I get) but if someone were to seriously try and suggest Intel to me I just laugh.

Yes, I find it FUNNY, that people consider Intel hardware for gaming.

At work I'm just a P4 drone though. I also think Intel CPU's will be much better suited for where I work (dual core) because of the gross multi-user environment most of our users are on.

We run thin clients all off of a massive cluster of x servers, so multi-threading? We're the motherload of it all. On average our servers are running somewhere between 2 and 4 thousand threads with all the users.
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Default Re: Will the 1st dual cores choke current games?

What about the Pentium M 2.4's? With 2.0Mb L2 Cache, they are very close behind the P4EE and the FX55. They could look at slapping on a huge amount of cache onto each CPU. This would effectively increase the speed of which games run.
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Default Re: Will the 1st dual cores choke current games?

Yep that would work. But cache aint cheap.
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Nitz Walsh
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Default Re: Will the 1st dual cores choke current games?

Yeah, it's the INQ - but apparently 3.2 ghz will be the ceiling for the dual-core processors at launch. See here.

So there won't be a massive difference in single-thread speed on Intel's offerings perhaps, but obviously no increase either.

What could be beneficial for gaming though with dual-cores is using the second core largely for sound-related processing. Sound in games usually runs as a separate thread now regardless, the ability of a separate 3.2 ghz core to handle audio could perhaps introduce some clever software solutions with minimal impact on framerate. Wonder if Creative is worried about this...
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Default Re: Will the 1st dual cores choke current games?

I'm actually looking foward for multicore for my HTPC, cause it definantly can use an extra cpu... It records vids, playback vid, light fileserving, listen's in on mp3 streams, and sometimes vid en/recoding all at the same time..

However, in order to completely sell me, they need to release one with low thermals and power usage - aka quiet and small.
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