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Default register to search?

It may just be the forum script that you run, but I have to say that I was very dissappointed and frustrated to see that I had to register just to search through your forums. I'm not sure why this would have to be the case, especially since you may get many people coming through the forums as casual browsers who don't intend to actually post anything.
It would really be great if people could just search without having to go through the registration process(despite how easy it is). It might help keep the size of your user database down, as I will probably never post again but am now taking up a spot. Hopefully it's not just a ploy to get my email address so you can send me a bunch of spam. I didn't think this was the case or I wouldn't have registered, but that made me wonder even more why it was necessary, if not for that. Anyways, just thought I'd mention it because it kinda bugged me. Thanks for the site and all the great info!
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Default Re: register to search?

This forum is pretty Google friendly.

I know what you mean though. A lot of sites do it. You have to register just to do a quick search and then you never go back.

I guess searches do take up resources so you might as well give a little back. You never know, once you register you might be inclined to hung around for a while.
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Default Re: register to search?

Aye, i usually just move on to find one i don't need to register to. I never noticed you couldnt search till i looked everywhere yesterday for it and it was gone... then i realized i hadn't loged on yet.
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Default Re: register to search?

I second the suggestion . i always use it to look for info in forums i'm not regiesterd into .
yeah it does suck , but afterall the owner of the website has the full right to allow the search feature (which is very handy) to public or registerd users only .

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Default Re: register to search?

Searching takes up a lot of resources which is why Mike made it so you have to register.
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Default Re: register to search?

Why would you complain about a forum you intend NOT to contribute to? That is like going into MacDonalds, grabbing a bunch of ketchup and not buying anything. It is wrong and shows you to be cheap. As was stated earlier...Google.
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