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Default Ffxi

Hi everyone. i'm new to mmo's and being a player of both WoW and EQ2, i saw FFXI in walmart and it looks really cool. I am really enjoying the genre of game, and was wondering what information players of the game could give me. I looked up reviews, which were good across the board. I also would like to know from someone who's been playing it what kind of changes they've made to the game over time, have they improved things that were critisized when it first came out? Have they tweaked the graphics engine at all? Just looking to find out stuff about the game before i would maybe go out and buy it. Thanks!
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Default Re: Ffxi

I don't know. I played it for a month and got tired of it. There was a lot of treadmilling and killing rabbits for hours and hours. Partying was difficult, but I'm sure it's easier now that there are PS2ers.
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Default Re: Ffxi

well it depends, its a decent game i guess, i couldnt get into it. theres a TON of japaneese players so the language barrier is kind of tough to get by at first (their transtlation tool is a lil clunky)

but i do have a buddy that played it for a long time and still thinks its a decent game but it for sure does have his pros and cons. ill pass this thread along to him as he could probobly give us the best review of it possible.
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Default Re: Ffxi

This would the one FF game I skipped out on so...sorry can't help.
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Default Re: Ffxi

Originally Posted by FierceDeityLink
Partying was difficult, but I'm sure it's easier now that there are PS2ers.
Well I don't know about now, but at first the PS2 player base made things even worse as you had overcrowded zones along with a "I want it now now now!!" attitude.
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Default Re: Ffxi

vampireuk did a review here, he was not impressed
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