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Cool Re: GeForce FX 5950 Ultra

Hi Lisa, Welcome to the world of the 5950 Ultra. You and I are an elite group, being 2 out of the maybe 10 people who musta bought this card. Trust me its frustrating to no end to find that revisions of drivers past 61.77 break things on this card. Heres a support dialogue I recently had with BFG. It may help if you want to try and push beyond 61.77.

> Gracefully and humbly with head bowed to the great and powerful
> BFG Tech Support I make the following support request.

> Another new set of Nvidia Beta drivers were released today on
> nzone (67.66), I haven't seen any of the problems I have reported to
> BFG with 5xxx series cards fixed after perusing the documentation. I
> have the following issues with any drivers past 61.77 on my Asylum
> 5950 ultra.. I have reported these issues to BFG phone support but
> they didn't give me a case number so I am not sure the information
> is being processed through proper channels.

> 1. Open Media Center interface, close it, open Half Life 2 (or
> some other directx 9 game). Tears.... flashing textures....screwed
> up menu's. Force VSYNC OFF in driver, problem disappears.

> 2. Dual View mode - computer locks HARD! No mouse, no keyboard.
> BSOD on reboot. Safemode and driver cleaner 3, back to 61.77.

> 3. Video playing in the overlay on media center, locks after 15
> minutes of watching video. Error in media center stating the driver
> is missing features which are preventing Media Center from running.
> Reboot, fine for 15 more minutes. I believe that the overlay is
> locking somehow and becoming unavailable.

> 61.77 exhibits none of these problems. Please file a bug report
> with Nvidia. Someone should have little trouble replicating these
> issues. I don't think I am being unreasonable given the large amount
> of money I paid for this card.

> Addendum:
> Doubt it will happen but really, Shouldn't I be intitled to a
> 6xxx trade up due to directx 9 problems on this card? your ad for
> the Asylum stated "API Support Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0", with the
> release of Half Life 2 I found that this was clearly not the case.
> "API Support" should mean "playable" using dirextx 9.

> Apology:
> I apologies for my tone in this email. I really just want some
> assurance that these issues will be reported. I stuck by the product
> line when Nvidia was having difficulties, I just want to know that
> the problems are reported so they have a fighting chance of being
> addressed.
Here is the Reply:

With regards to your points:

1. Turning vsync off is a very common fix for artifacting and tearing
issues so this isnt a known issue as much as its a known fix to
getting artifacting issues.

2. The dual view problems should not be happening with you. We have
computers here running dual view under the most recent drivers on a
wide array of cards (this one included) with no problems at all.
Provide us with a bit more of your system information and we can try
to troubleshoot this problem.

3. Again, this shouldnt be happening, but I notice youre saying media
center. Are you running windows xp/2000 with the media center software
installed or are you actually running Windows Media Center as your OS?
If so, be advised that if you are running MC 2005 that nvidia has not
yet released any drivers for this particular OS, and that could be
contributing to your problems.

As to your DX9 issue, the card does have full DX9 support. If youre
basing your assumptions off of behaviors you are seeing in Halflife 2,
be advised that valve has done some dirty deeds with regards to this
game. I am including a post pulled off of a forum so you will
understand why youre only getting DX8.1 in this game.

<he includes here presi's directx 9 post on steampowered>
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Default Re: GeForce FX 5950 Ultra

Originally Posted by MikeC
Have you tried using Driver Cleaner between installs?

Use driver cleaner and then go to http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=931
and download 71.20s
you can click on the link at the bottom of the page
These are the best drivers.
Good luck
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Default Re: GeForce FX 5950 Ultra

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Default Re: GeForce FX 5950 Ultra

And use these for your power supply when running the Nvidia Ge-Force 5950 Ultra or 6800 Ultra........Sleeving kits work great. =)
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R.I.P. Babe Thread
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Default Re: GeForce FX 5950 Ultra

I've never had the problem you are encountering, Lisa. I have used all drivers from 53.03 and up. I'm not going to suggest what driver set to use, as it is personal preference, but I am currently using the 71.81 set. I would recommend using a higher set of the 6x.xx set, if not something in the 7x.xx's. It does sound like to me it has something to do with the refresh rate or monitor related. Good luck in your search to fix it. I love my 5950U (ASUS V9980) and I have one of the big b*st*rds that takes up two slots! LOL

Not my actual card, but this is what is looks like...

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Default Re: GeForce FX 5950 Ultra

No one has asked if you pluged power from your PS to the card?
P4 3.40, DFI lan party 875p-t, two gig Crucial Ballistics ddr500, Evga 6800ultra
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