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Default Re: WoW Players...

Ready for the big list!! Organized by server, level, and activity. Their names are at the end, some people are afraid to show their characters' names, I am not though.

70 Dwarf Hunter - Emerald Dream - Boncheze
53 Dwarf Paladin - Emerald Dream - Bonchez
39 Draenei Shaman - Emerald Dream - Tunar
38 gnome Rogue - Emerald Dream - Oish
35 Human Mage - Emerald Dream - Hassenhanz
28 Night Elf Warrior - Emerald Dream - Donmurrieta
21 Human Warlock - Emerald Dream - Ollie
15 Night Elf Druid - Emerald Dream - Lathille

24 Blood Elf Priest - Destromath - Arti

15 Blood Elf Paladin - Tichondrius - Zodius

27 Night Elf Druid - Darkspear (inactive) - Bullocks
21 Human Rogue - Darkspear (inactive) - Horix
18 Human Priest - Darkspear (inactive) - Thrionos

24 Orc Warlock - Onyxia (inactive) - Bonchez

20 Tauren Druid - Dethecus (inactive) - Bonchez

As you can see I have at least one of every class at least level 20
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Default Re: WoW Players...

the dead thread is back
I just saw my post from 02-08-05 on pg.1...I was into my second month of WoW of what turned out to be a year and a half of serious playing. Seeing that brought back lots of mems......all I can say is I'm sure as hell gald I don't play anymore
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Default Re: WoW Players...

Just dinged 70 on my 5th toon.

Finally after trying to level a hunter since release, I've finally reached 70.
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Default Re: WoW Players...

Originally Posted by WeReWoLf
My highest crit so far is 3299 with execute. God i love that move. it almost makes playing warriors worth it for just that one move. get the mob down to 19 percent health and hit execute. you take a HUGE chunk of their life off (if you don't miss of course) and you get extra points of dmg per point of rage you have extra. unfortunately it uses up all your rage, so when you miss, you have no rage left. Without execute? my highest crit is with Enrage, Deathwish, Battle Shout, Greater Agility and Bloodthirst all running and i pulled off a 1500 default melee crit. God i loved that. I then proceded to own his ass coz my crit's kept proccing, keeping flurry alive. Flurry is the move that increases my attack speed by 30% BTW.
Wow... that was such Long ass time ago... I'm still Arms/Fury, but MS side now, pulling between 1 - 1.3k DPS, critting for over 2k white damage, over 3k with MS, over 7k with Execute...
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