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Default I Need HELP!!!

Hello i am running Red Hat version 9. I am new tyo Linxu and right now i am stuck using a GUI until i can fgiure out the terminal. I am a former Windows user. While still using windows i purchased the D-Link wireless rotuer (DI-524) and a wireless PCI card (DWL-G510) I cannton get it to work when im in Linux, when i switch back to windows( I run a dual-boot system) it works fine. I went to the config network thing and when i went to go pick from a list of wireless cards D-Link was there but not my model. I didnt know wheter my model would work under a different name or not. So now i am stuck with a linux box that i cannot figure out how to get on the net. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If i should run it under another manufactuears name please tell me that name. Also if i have to install drivers or something like that could you please be as in depth as you can be at telling me how to do it as i am still very much a newbie to Linux. IF you would like to send instructions to my email that would be great. It is nofeardg4@fuse.net hanks for all the help.
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Default Re: I Need HELP!!!

well, they're two projects:
a open source one: - ndiswrapper (ndiswrapper.sf.net)
an commercial one: driverloader (www.linuxant.com/driverloader/) (with a trail - version)
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