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Default Only 800x600 for OpenGL ??

Problem: OpenGL applications are INSANELY slow at any resolution other than 800x600. (Yes, this even includes 640x480) 800x600 works fantastically.

I first had this problem on my 1GHz box w/ TNT2 video and figured "hey, what can I expect out of an old TNT2 card?", but now I've installed linux on a 1.3GHz box with a Geforce2 GTS, and all I'm trying to play is counter-strike...and I have the same problem.

Everything else works great. I did a google search, and a quick search of the forums here and didn't find anything...

Any ideas?
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Default Re: Only 800x600 for OpenGL ??

I have the same problem, under ut2004, the only available resolution is 800*600 !
KDE works fine in 1280*1024.
I use the nvidia drivers.

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Default Re: Only 800x600 for OpenGL ??

some info maybe helpful
what distro ,xorg.conf dump ,etc ...
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