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Default Noboru Sugimura Died(Onimusha Writer)

Don't know if there are any fans of the Onimusha series on the Forum but I was a big fan. I enjoyed all three of the games, Sad to see such a talented man leave us. I got to meet him once at an E3, very normal for someone who can think up such twisted storys like the one in Clock Tower 3.

He also had a hand in Resident Evil 2, which is one of my Favorites!

RIP Sugimura.
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Mr. Hunt
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Default Re: Noboru Sugimura Died(Onimusha Writer)

Yeah, I read about this yesterday (I think it was)... very sad indeed... I loved the Onimusha series (just got done playing through 3 again the other day) and if he did do some stuff in RE2 then that is awesome... that is still my favorite RE game.
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Vagrant Zero
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Default Re: Noboru Sugimura Died(Onimusha Writer)

What? How. Where?

Thuis sucks, I'm a Oni fan.
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Default Re: Noboru Sugimura Died(Onimusha Writer)

That's too bad, I liked Onimusha and it's storyline. In fact I just ordered part 3 a few days ago, guess that's pretty much his crowning achievement then? Man, it's sad to see these people gone...I was even saddened when I found out the person who did the voice acting for Dr. Robotnik in the 3d Sonic games died.
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