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Default Re: Official Star Wars Republic Commando thread

omg im too late on this thread,this is a GREAT game and a nice shooter from Lucasarts.

The funny things squad mates mention is so non bot-like and realsitic that it made me think this was a live MMO shooter,quite fun.

Playing at the highest difficulty sometimes gave me the sense of accomplishment as big as completing a CoH "8-man team invincible mish with pick up members"!

j/k well not that big sense of accomplishment but fairly good one.

Anyone know a link to console commands for this game?couldnt find it any where.I feel very much like playing with the engine.

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Default Re: Official Star Wars Republic Commando thread

Great Engine...

I played with max settings, no AA. It's hard to notice that there is no AA. The game is running 60-100FPS, 1280*1024. The game is AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I just passed the canyon, and i'm in the factory. Shadows, bloom effects are amazing.

I love Star Wars, and this is a really good game to fill the story of Episode I and II
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Default Re: Official Star Wars Republic Commando thread

Im also a little late here but anyway.

I am not really into Star Wars, or any of there games that have been released until now. This is one of the best shooters lately and people who are thinking of getting it, just get it. It sure makes ip for the amount we wasted on D3 : RoE.
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