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yeah, i've heard some pretty dumb ass stories. putting a p3 (slot version) in the wrong way. putting heatsink fans upside down, etc.
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Maybe you've seen this b4...


Compliments of my nvmax homie trobbelke!
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As someone said


I'm still having trouble believing he was joking. It's possible that this guy was just saving face with that confession. If most people had thousands of people calling them an idiot or worse, I think they might try to say it was a joke. I must admit that I too believed it because I'm also in a tech support profession and I deal with people that do stupid stuff like this regularly. I found it hilarious, but not unbelievable.
There are people that stupid in the world, and many people at the ends of tech support lines do run into them. The dude who ran in front of the fork lift one of my former roomates was carrying a few tons of sand, sement, or whatever it was while working at Home Base, is one of them. As the conversation went

former roomate: You should have been more careful I could have dropped this on you. You shouldn't go running in front of a fork lift in that manner.

customer: That's OK. If you dropped it on me, I'd have sued your a** for everything it's worth.

former roomate: You're an idiot. If 8,000 lbs dropped on you, you couldn't sue anyone as you'd be dead. A bloody splat on the floor can't sue anyone. You should really be more careful...

BTW, purified water doesn't stay pure all that long. There are lots of contaminants in the atmosphere, the container, etc that it could pick up. For purposes of chemistry experiments I had done in high school and college, the teachers had said that distilled water that sat out for 24 hours or so is useless due to the contaminents it can pick up from the environment.
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Thanks for clearing that up Feanor.
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