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Default Re: Kernel 2.6.11 Fix for broken drivers

@zander: thanx
when 6629 came out, i was happy to use 6111 - but the other side of the coin is that i use my computer mainly for audio work, which has just achieved a far superior stability with >= 2.6.10, so i'd need either the patched driver or modified kernel that you talk about. i've tried patching the driver, but that just won't compile (i'll attatch the installer-log for that).

so, it looks like in the meantime the modified kernel is the go to get 6111 working ... does it make many big differences? if not, i'll see if i can get Planet CCRMA to package a real-time kernel that uses the patch - i'm sure it would help a lot of us using the Planet CCRMA repository.

thanx again for your help - i'm sorry if i've lost my cool on some of these threads

ps (will a new driver release be compatible with my card?)
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Default Re: Kernel 2.6.11 Fix for broken drivers

The patch I referred to is light-weight and mostly unintrusive: it exports the symbol __VMALLOC_RESERVE, which the 1.0-6111 NVIDIA kernel module references implicitely through MAXMEM, implements pci_find_class() using pci_get_class() (pci_find_class() was replaced by pci_get_class()) and updates do_mmap_pgoff() to check for VM_IO before calling make_pages_present(). The first change doesn't impact other parts of the kernel functionally, but would be justly frowned upon since drivers shouldn't need access to the symbol in question. The second change would also be frowned upon, for two reasons: 1) pci_find_class() was removed to ensure that the interface is no longer used and 2) the reference count of the PCI device returned by pci_get_class() needs to be decremented by the caller, which the 1.0-6111 driver release doesn't do (since pci_find_class() behaved differently). The last change is not actually needed in Linux 2.6.10+ (it was needed with some 2.6.10 pre-release kernels).

To summarize the above: the patch is OK as an interim solution to restore backwards compatibility with 1.0-6111, but is not the correct solution to the problem, which is to update the NVIDIA driver; this was done for 1.0-6629, but the changes involved, if done correctly, are fairly extensive. The upcoming NVIDIA driver release will address the compatibility problem with older graphics cards and problems with current Linux 2.6 kernels.
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Default Re: Kernel 2.6.11 Fix for broken drivers

Originally Posted by bengershon
Try doing:
modprobe -q agpgart
BEFORE you start to build the nvidia driver. That fixed it for me, based on help from zander: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=46676
Just a quick thank you. This hint solved my problem.
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Default Re: Kernel 2.6.11 Fix for broken drivers

I tried compiling the nvidia driver after patching my 2.6.11 kernel with the patch mentioned above..

Unfortunately, the nvidia installation program says it can't build the module. In 'dmesg' I see this:
nvidia: Unknown symbol remap_page_range

After trying to load the 'agpgart' module (even though I use a PCI card..) the build fails completely, see the attached logfile..

Btw.. I want to use 6111 because the two more recent driver releases lockup my pc..
Attached Files
File Type: txt nvidia-installer.log.txt (12.1 KB, 111 views)
File Type: txt nvidia-bug-report.log.txt (66.1 KB, 114 views)
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Default Re: Kernel 2.6.11 Fix for broken drivers

fixing the driver with http://unixforge.org/~matthias-chris...-1.0-6111.diff
seems to work..

Some nasty lines in 'dmesg', but everything appears to work great

NVRM: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 NVIDIA Kernel Module 1.0-6111 Tue Jul 27 07:55:38 PDT 2004
BUG: using smp_processor_id() in preemptible [00000001] code: Xorg/11401
caller is nv_lock_rm+0x11/0x4e [nvidia]
[<c021d926>] smp_processor_id+0xa6/0xc0
[<ef070be1>] nv_lock_rm+0x11/0x4e [nvidia]
[<ef070be1>] nv_lock_rm+0x11/0x4e [nvidia]
[<eeeb2bb0>] _nv001632rm+0x18/0x20 [nvidia]
[<eeea3f56>] _nv001536rm+0x36/0x90 [nvidia]
[<eeea3f6f>] _nv001536rm+0x4f/0x90 [nvidia]
[<eef879b1>] _nv004345rm+0x2d/0x12c [nvidia]
[<eef879a6>] _nv004345rm+0x22/0x12c [nvidia]
[<eef87d8b>] _nv004346rm+0x2db/0x2f4 [nvidia]
[<eef87eb4>] _nv000011rm+0x0/0x94 [nvidia]
[<eef87d5b>] _nv004346rm+0x2ab/0x2f4 [nvidia]
[<eeeb5ef7>] _nv001122rm+0xd7/0xf0 [nvidia]
[<eeea6be6>] _nv001659rm+0x26/0x2c [nvidia]
[<eeeaf725>] _nv001107rm+0x21/0x5c [nvidia]
[<eeeb4227>] _nv001151rm+0x203/0x268 [nvidia]
[<eeeb421e>] _nv001151rm+0x1fa/0x268 [nvidia]
[<eeeb172e>] _nv001633rm+0x12/0x18 [nvidia]
[<eeeb6cb3>] rm_init_adapter+0x5f/0x8c [nvidia]
[<eeeb6ca7>] rm_init_adapter+0x53/0x8c [nvidia]
[<ef06ea80>] nv_kern_open+0x27c/0x310 [nvidia]
[<ef06f599>] nv_kern_isr+0x0/0x138 [nvidia]
[<ef06e804>] nv_kern_open+0x0/0x310 [nvidia]
[<c0160e31>] chrdev_open+0xf1/0x1c0
[<c0156eb4>] dentry_open+0x164/0x260
[<c0156d42>] filp_open+0x62/0x70
[<c02fe8ed>] _spin_unlock+0xd/0x30
[<c0157047>] get_unused_fd+0x97/0xc0
[<c0157169>] sys_open+0x49/0x90
[<c010295f>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb
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