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Default Xv Problems on Riva TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro


I am trying to set up a home cenema system based on Myth TV running on an old 866MHz PIII. My inital attempts to get this working involved using the on board I810 graphics chipset, this generaly seemed to work fine except this chipset doesn't support interlacing so I couldn't achieve my goal of attaching the VGA connector to the RGB scart input of my TV (using a simple circuit to combine HSYNC and VSYNC).

I have now managed to obtain an old Riva TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro and installed this initially using the XFree86 drivers. This drives the TV fine however it doesn't appear to support Xvideo and so won't work with MtyhTV.

After a bit of searching I found the 'official' NVidia drivers that should support Xv. Great I thought and installed them fine. TV output actually appears better than with the XFree86 version (XFree86 generated a lot of flicker on horixontal lines whereas the NVidia ones gave a rock soldi image -- does this actually mean that the NVidia ones aren't actually interlacing???)

However when I attempt to watch video (using 'mplayer -vo xv' or MythTV), things aren't as good as they seem...
1) video appears to be shifted down the screen (1/3 way down?)
2) green horizontal bars flash on the display a few times a second.

Does anyone have any thoughts on these issues. My initial thought is that it could all be down to having interlace enabled so I will try it tonight at 800x600 on a montior to see if this changes anything.

One final question I have is whether hardware scaling is supported on this card and whether this will cause problems.

Thanks in advance

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