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Default tv-out component to HDTV

Hi, I'm new to this so please excuse my ignorance.

Some of the new cards come with a component tv-out and claim to handle HDTV. Like this card:

Do they work on Linux? Specifically, can I connect it to my HDTV using the component input and get 480p? or 1080i?

I noticed the latest README says:

Option "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"
Option "TVOutFormat" "COMPOSITE"
but googling around I get the impression that nvidia autodetects what is connected to the card so there is no need for this line.

As background, I'm trying to build a mythtv and wondering if its worth it to pay the extra for HDTV or go with s-video.

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Default Re: tv-out component to HDTV

Yes, component tv-out works for Linux. On Linux I've got it to work with 1080i, I've never tried with 480p.
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Default Re: tv-out component to HDTV

Just to give you a little bit of warning, I have one of these turbocache cards and I can't get it to play hi-def streams reliably. Some play fine, others cause the X process to take 99% of the cpu. I may be the only one experiencing these problems, but I thought I should let you know anyway.

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Default Re: tv-out component to HDTV

In case you use SVIDEO the following extra options exist:
"HD480i" : 480 line interlaced
"HD480p" : 480 line progressive
"HD720p" : 720 line progressive
"HD1080i": 1080 line interlaced
"HD1080p": 1080 line progressive
"HD576i" : 576 line interlace
"HD576p" : 576 line progressive

Note that DVI is a lot better than SVIDEO ...
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Default Re: tv-out component to HDTV

My experience is that 1080i modelines may appear to work, but if you look closely you will see that is is simply displaying one field twice. This causes all sorts of problems with font and graphics scaling in myth. Also xv ouput at 1920x1080i was also not functional in mythtv. My card claims to support interlaced modes in the x startup log. I also tried 1920x540p which worked fine, but myth tv fonts are super narrow and image viewer graphics are distorted. Sadly I have had to settle for a lower horizontal resolution 480p mode to make things look OK.
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