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Default nvraid support in 2.6.8 and later

I know this has been discussed in a few other threads, but I'm not perfectly clear on the outcome of the discussion. I have the DFI nForce4 board with Nvraid only (one of the models has another Sillicon Image controller too, I believe). Someone in another thread mentioned that, starting with the 2.6.8 kernel, there would be support for nvraid.

I'm downloading Suse 9.2 for AMD64 right now which is based on the 2.6.8 kernel. Will I be able to install on an Nvraid RAID0 array? With Fedora Core 3, it just sees the two disks separately (but shows them on the same Id, etc.). I know it's software RAID, but I assume kernel drivers are all that are needed to make the array useable for installation.

Also, is the Sillicon Image chipset like that found on some of the MSI boards software or hardware RAID? If it's hardware RAID, I assume no drivers are needed for any OS?

Thanks, hope I'm not beating a dead horse here....

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Default Re: nvraid support in 2.6.8 and later

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Default Re: nvraid support in 2.6.8 and later

I have a Silicon Image ATA133 card in my K62plus and Thunderbird systems, and they appear to be hardware RAID. They have a jumper to enable/disable RAID, and a BIOS that comes up before the sytem boots off the BIOS-selected boot device...
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