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Angry Screen goes blank when X Loads (FC3 TV-Out GForceMX on NForce2 Board)

So I'm planning on running MythTV. I'm using my primary computer (the one I'm writing this on), to go step-by-step through a guide for Fedora Core 3 setup with the goal of running MythTV. I only have one monitor and one TV, so I need to be able to boot and run anaconda on the TV. When anaconda loads it detects the

video-card: GeForce4 MX (generic)
display: Unknown
mouse: 3 button
keyboard: 108key

Once it starts loading X the screen goes blank, the only reason I know it even starts running x is when I halt system processes to reboot (IE Ctrl+Alt+Delete), I see it was trying to start the x server.

I've tried changing boot options when FC3 starts.... all fail
linux nofb xfs resolution=640x480@60
linux nofb xfs lowres
linux nofb xfs display=640x480@60
linux nofb xfs display=640x480
linux nofb xfs resolution=640x480
linux nofb xfs vga=771
linux nofb xfs skipddc
etc. etc.

I really need both computers running at once... if there's absolutely no solution out there I'll just use my regular monitor for the first install and hopefully the first run will work... though I fear x will die as ungracefully as it does now. My pet project is becoming a pet source of frustration (I tried knoppmyth which is a specialized form of knoppix made for mythtv, debian 3.0r4, debian sarge, and now onto fc3)... so much for easy install... I'm || close to calling it quits on trying to get linux going (one of my initial goals, as I'd like to become somewhat familiar with linux), copping out and getting Windows MCE. I tried searching the forums and came up with nothing... *sigh*

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Default Re: Screen goes blank when X Loads (FC3 TV-Out GForceMX on NForce2 Board)

I unplugged my mouse and forced the install on through console... install went well, then onto the first boot... then it hung on
"enabling swap space [ok]"

so I searched around for a solution...
and I found out one person deleted out "rhgb" from their grub boot... and that solved the problem, until x started to load at which point the tv cut out... I tried checking other users ctrl+alt+f2... etc.... and when I went back to ctrl+alt+f1, it showed console messages from x that I had apparently paused/halted by switching users...

So I used a rescue disc to change xorg.conf
I found directions from here

still doesn't work...

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Default Re: Screen goes blank when X Loads (FC3 TV-Out GForceMX on NForce2 Board)

I realized being stubborn wasn't going to work... so I hooked it up to a VGA monitor for the install of the system and new video drivers, then after configuring /etc/X11/xorg.conf it all ran fine... now I'm having audio issues, but I think I'll find the answer to that soon enough....
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