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Default Need help in harddrive partitoning

Ok i have 1 20gig drive, now i installed this redhat linux 8 on it fresh with no other os on it. By the way i like this redhat more that mandrake 9 seems more user friendly especially for a linux newbie like me.

Now what i want to do is can u guys give me the procedure to totally wipe out all data on this drive such as MBR of linux i'm mean everything like if this was a brand spankin new drive, so then i can partition it 10 gigs each partition so i can install windows 2000 pro and then redhat 8.

Please thax!1
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Im not sure what you can use for Linux to partition your drive.... but from my own experiences with dual booting SuSE and Win2k, its very highly recommended that you put on Win2k first. If you put on Redhat, then Win2k, Win2k will completely blow away anything that was in your MBR and you will be unable to use Redhat. So what I would do, is FDISK the hard drive, format it (FAT32), then install Win2k, then Redhat. There have been problems with other users and having dual booting. This was when they were using ntloader and LILO. I didnt have too much of a hassle with ntloader and GRUB.
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He said "windows 2000 pro and then redhat 8"

Anyway, if you want to do it manually boot from Win9x bootdisk, type: fdisk /mbr (wipes out your mbr) than type: format x (substitute x for your drive letter). Windows 2000 will format the drive but it will do it in quick mode. So choose the mode that best floats your boat

EDIT: if you don't happen to have a Win9x bootdisk, go to http://www.bootdisk.com/original.htm and get one
Also I would get new fdisk (Updated fdisk for Windows 98 bootdisks and/or systems for hard drives over 64 gig) http://www.bootdisk.com/dosfiles/fdisk.zip
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Ack, read it too fast

To make your hard drive bootable, you should do format (drive letter) /s
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