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Default Trying to get 3 screens in Ubuntu Hoary to work

I hope someone can help, I have posted this a couple of places since im really just now at an impase.

I have 2 GFX cards in my system. 1x 6800GT AGP card with 2x DVI and an s-video, and a PCI FX5200 with 2 VGA and s-video.

I have 2x L1915S LG LCDs connected to the 6800GT and 1 connected to the FX5200, and i am also using the TV-Out on the FX5200. This setup works fine in Windows on the 61.xx driver, if i try a newer driver, when I attempt to activate the 3rd screen (with or without the TV attached), I get a BSOD in XP regarding the nvidia driver. Whether or not this is related to my current problem, i dont know.

Currently, I am able to get the 2 screens on the 6800 working fine, in either TwinView or Xinerama.

This is my current Xorg.conf file - http://eclair.kiddygrade.org/Files/xorg.conf_new

And this is the log file from when the setup fails - http://eclair.kiddygrade.org/Files/Xorg.0.logfail

Now, the part i am highly confused about, is that when Xorg is detecting the GFX cards, it detects the 5200 fine, with the right BusID. Yet, later on in the logfile, claims there is no valid Device section for that BusID. As you can see from the xorg.conf, there is.

I have tried numerous combinations, I have tried setting the nv driver for the 5200, telling it to ignore the TV-out etc, yet nothing works.

Can anyone shed any light on this at all?
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Default Re: Trying to get 3 screens in Ubuntu Hoary to work

I don't know if this will help you, but I currently have one monitor connected to my 6600 AGP card and one monitor hooked up to my 5200 PCI card. I've attached my working Xorg.conf file. Currently this allows 2D on both monitors with dragging windows but only 3D on the primary AGP connected Monitor. It might shed some light on your issue. Also I found that Windoes XP BSOD with this config, unless I first boot linux and then boot into Windows (though now since I have WoW running under Linux, not many boots into windows any more). And as you noticed, 3D works on both screens under windows. Well hope this helps some.

The BusID for the PCI card is probably different that yours. The real importatn setting is the ( Option "UseInt10Module" "True" ) part which initializes the PCI card.
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