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Default loading GLX module prevents X from loading

I have a GeForce FX5200 that has been working perfectly in Linux for some time now. I'm running kernel 2.6.11 on Gentoo. A couple days ago, I updated a number of packages on my machine using the "emerge --update system" command, and now I'm having problems with X11. Everything works fine except if the Xorg.conf file is set to load the GLX module, X11 fails to start. It goes to a blank screen and stays there until you switch consoles. X11 says "Using VT 7" then the next line is an error 104, connection reset by peer.

One of the packages that was downloaded and installed was the newest NVIDIA driver. I tried rolling back to a previous driver with no luck. I also tried recompiling my kernel, Xorg, and the nvidia driver, to no avail.

I have attached a copy of my NVIDIA bug report log. Please help!
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Default Re: loading GLX module prevents X from loading

I am getting the exact same error. I found that commenting out the line that loads GLX in xorg.conf allows X to start at the expense of no OpenGL.

There is a bug report currently being worked on by the Gentoo folks.
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Default Re: loading GLX module prevents X from loading

but you did an 'opengl-update nvidia' and your ModulePath is correct?
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Default glibc-2.3.5 with tls causes segfault when using libnvidia-tls.so without tls

Please see:

This is a problem with the libnvidia-tls.so being used by linuxthreads systems (although using that lib with nptl causes the same problems). Switching to the tls version of the lib and assuring your libc has tls (done by the ebuild I've asked for testing on the bug above) should solve the problem
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