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With twinview you can set the resolution of the second monitor to be different than the viewable area (for example, you can run the first monitor at 1024x768 and the second at 800x600, but have the viewable area of the second monitor be 800x768) The normally "lost" space in the bottom corner of the smaller resolution monitor is regained because the second monitor can "scroll" through the viewable area (ie, you move the mouse into the lost space, and you can see it).

but back to the topic of multiple X screens:

I tried enabling xinerama. haha, now I just get a dead freeze of the entire system. Back to twinview for now, i guess.

Does anybody at nvidia read this thread? Any suggestions on making it work? This "feature" is starting to look like vaporware....
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Default I got it to work!

I finally got it to work! I needed to add this to each screen section:

Option "ConnectedMonitor" "CRT,CRT"

I got it to work both with and without xinerama. The only problem I am currently having is with xinerama, I can't send things specifically to one or the other (which is what I would like to do). When I don't have xinerama enabled, I do have two screens, but I can't figure out how to change input from one to the other. I loaded mplayer into the second screen:

export DISPLAY=:0.1
mplayer filename.avi

and it played beautifully, however it took control of my mouse, and would not return it. Net effect was that the keyboard was controlled by :0.0 and the mouse was controlled by :0.1 (very strange effect). Is there any way to manually switch the input between the multiple screens without enabling xinerama or twinview? Thanks

- Jeff
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Default Re: I got it to work!

Originally posted by Se7enLC

export DISPLAY=:0.1
mplayer filename.avi

- Jeff [/b]
I usually just type "mplayer movie.avi -display :0.1" in a terminal and have no problems with the mouse.

But, I would dearly love to have a mouse and keyboard available in the second display for wireless couch potato mode.
I've set up a second mouse, but all it does is control the same cursor as the first one, on my primary display.

I've tried figuring this out, but it's beyond my feeble brain it seems ,-)

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