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Question XawTV XF86config-4 Modeline to Fullscreen!!!

Does anyone knows which MODELINE should I use to get XawTV in FULLSCREEN on a 1024x768 screen???

In Fullscreen mode, if you move your mouse all the way to the RIGHT or BOTTOM, your TV screen shifts to the other way, and you see your Xserver desktop...

Thanks in Advance!!!
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That's not a problem with the modeline, or with the setup of XawTV (probably -- see below though), or anything like that. It's intended behavior.

The reason it works that way is so that you can get a smaller resolution, but still scroll around the screen -- the virtual screen is larger than the physical screen. In all modes that are in a single Display SubSection (in your Screen section in XF86Config(-4)), the virtual screen size is the same. If there's no "Virtual x y" entry in the SubSection "Display" that corresponds color-depth-wise to the DefaultColorDepth entry, then the default virtual screen size is the size of the largest resolution available.

I believe you can turn XVidMode off (by putting an Option "DisableVidModeExtension" "true" in your ServerFlags section), but I'm not sure that that will allow the XawTV program to go full screen...

There may be a way to disable just the screen panning, but I don't know what it is.

You could always just run XawTV in fullscreen mode but at the same resolution as your desktop, that would work.
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