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Default Xbox 360 versus Ps3 gpu

in the news section
Numbers - the public loves them. Bigger equals better. It's one of the reasons Xbox 360 is called Xbox 360 rather than Xbox 2. Stack an Xbox 2 next to a PS3 on a shop shelf, and which is you average punter going to think is better? And this is similarly the case with Xbox 360 and PS3 graphical core speeds, reckons ATi - but we shouldn't allow ourselves to be blinded by what's written down on paper.
Xbox 360's Xenos graphical core runs at 500Mhz. PS3's nVidia-developed RSX graphical core runs at 550Mhz. However, ATi's Richard Huddy, whose job is talking to developers about the company's technology, says that the Xbox 360's unique graphical architecture quite capably makes up for the apparent shortfall between the two core speeds.

That mere 10% clock speed that RSX has on Xenos is easily countered by the unified shader architecture that we've implemented," is the word from Huddy in an interview with website Bit-tech.net.
Dipping further into technical details, Huddy says that "Rather than separate pixel and vertex pipelines, we've created a single unified pipeline that can do both. Providing developers throw instructions at our architecture in the right way, Xenos can run at 100% efficiency all the time, rather than having some pipeline instructions waiting for others."

He highlights high-end PC power in comparison, saying that high-end PC chips typically run at between 50% and 60% efficiency.

Bit-tech.net has also questioned Huddy on how the two next-gen consoles' CPU architecture will affect general brute grunt and graphical power. His response is that, while PS3 with seven Cell cores appears to have considerable CPU power, the real bottleneck lies in the graphical side of things.

Huddy talks about the current trend in the CPU world of going "multi-threaded and multi-core" (think CPU's processing things very, very fast; Xbox 360 has three PowerPC cores, incidentally), saying that while "writing multi-threaded apps for two or three cores is difficult... Doing it for seven separate cores, when the main core has a slightly different feature-set from the other six, is very, very difficult."

Or in other words, PS3 presents developers with a far more difficult challenge than Xbox 360.

Huddy also reckons that because PS3's RSX graphical core isn't unified - i.e. it doesn't feature unified vertex and pixel pipelines - "PS3 will almost certainly be slower and less powerful."

Potential corporate willy waving aside, at the end of the day does power really matter, or is it more about the gameplay offered by videogames featuring on the machines? Or does more brute processing power equal better gameplay? As ever, our forums are open for discussion below.
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Default Re: Xbox 360 versus Ps3 gpu

Love how they comment on the RSX when nothing but the core speed is known... these people are retard. You can't compare specs of hardware that has no known specs. I mean the RSX is more advance then the G70 which is its prototype...

THe PS3 has already been proven to be extremly easy to develope for aswell considering Epic was able to port over UT2007 flawlessly and was able to make it run smoother on the PS3 then current gen hardware in only 2 months. The FFVII demo also proves its easy seeing how it was only developed in one and a half months.

BTW Unified pipelines has not been proven to be optimal yet, no one knows how well it will preform. Heck it could make it more difficult because now developers have to think how to optimize and split the workload then rather have dedicated piplelines that they dont have to think about. Its just like multiple cores, so now 360 developers have to think about the multiple cpu cores and the balancing of the GPUs pipeline performance. The PS3s Cell processor on the other hand automatically balances performance thanks to being a logical CPU as well as it can be hardcoded to perform specific opperations and the gpu acts like a normal desktop gpu (as far as we know) so any experianced developer knows how to access it easier.
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Default Re: Xbox 360 versus Ps3 gpu

How could the PS3 present developers with a far more difficult challenge when it's basically a standard PC Vid Card with OGL? Seriously, what's up with all the XBox more powerful than PS3 crap we're seeing in the press lately. Is the smallest dog barking the loudest?
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Default Re: Xbox 360 versus Ps3 gpu


Hey guys, where can I buy one of those crystal balls you use to determine which nonexistent console is more powerful?
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