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Cool Any Word on the TV-out "black bar" issue?

I haven't been here in a while, so I wanted to check. I read back through the forum several pages and didn't see anything, but it has been a while.

Refresher: This is the issue where tv-out leaves a black strip at the bottom of the tv-screen. Not a big one, but certainly very noticeable.

I used the nvidia-tune or whatever the program for tweaking the settings is called that comes with the driver, but all it can do is make the entire picture bigger. So technically you can get rid of the "black bar" at the bottom, but then you lose a chunk of the other three sides.

Back in the day, I would have used xvidtune to adjust the vertical sync(or whatever) to stretch the picture vertically to cover the whole screen and make it look decent.

This is a stupid problem with a very simple fix, but alas I was ignored for months by Nvidia et al.

Any progress on this, or do I need to start looking at ATI or someone else for a decent tv-out on linux?


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Default Re: Any Word on the TV-out "black bar" issue?

This doesn't have much to do with the quality of the tvout. The issue is that televisions are bad. The following image explains the issue a bit: http://tvtool.info/jpgs/oc.jpg

The television system is very old. Televisions receive an image which is larger than the screen itself. Using this technic the size and shape of the TV doesn't matter. Tt doesn't matter if you use a small 14"/37cm 4:3 TV or a wider 28"/72cm TV (those aren't 4:3 but a bit wider). So for dvd/tv playback you don't see the whole image while in case of tvout you don't want to miss a part of the image but on the other hand you want fullscreen too.
To reduce the amount of blackness you need to play with overscan but it will never work right and each TV needs a different setting. Also make sure you use a optimal resolution for the TV which is roughly 640x480 for NTSC and 800x600 for PAL. You could play a bit with X modelines which might allow you to fix the issue but realize that TVs aren't computer screens and that useally the GPU doesn't have as much control over the TV as it has over a CRT.
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Default Re: Any Word on the TV-out "black bar" issue?

This is not meant to slight Linux in any way, but I can ajust the picture to perfectly fit the screen under Windows. Why can't Nvidia make this work for linux?
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