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Default Help with 5700 Ultra/TV Out


My first post.........am I'm stuck!!

Have recently connected my TV to the S-Vid output of my graphics card, with the intention of using a dual display, main LCD monitor via VGA, and second display TV via S-Vid.

However, I'm having trouble recognising the second display. The PC detects it, as I can get a picture on the TV, but not at the same time as the LCD monitor. It seems to be one or the other. I've tried finding clone mode/dual view, but there is nothing in any of the settings. All I can get in the Nview settings is single display, and then either the monitor or the TV. I've downloaded the latest drivers from Nvidia (77.77) but with no success.

Can anyone help me? I've tried the old version of the driver, and I've forced the PC to detect the TV. It just seems that I can get it to run both at once.

Please help


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Default Re: Help with 5700 Ultra/TV Out

Some OEM implement TV to share a DAC with the VGA port, such that you can get TV + DVI but not TV+VGA. If your 5700U has a DVI port, try TV+<VGA on a VGA-DVI adapter>.
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