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Question Write once texture with FBO ?

I am trying to replace my render-to-back-buffer app with the new FBO feature. It works, the first time. That is, the second pass (draw to screen using the texture object in the framebuffer object) does not change.

When I change the first pass to draw to screen rather than draw to FBO, and turn off the second pass, I see what I would expect to be rendered to the texture (i.e. it changes).

So, either the texture is not being updated, or the first bits drawn to the texture is somehow 'locked' into that texture. Or I'm just missing something.

Any clues?
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Default Re: Write once texture with FBO ?

There are some deep FBO bugs in the current release of nvidia drivers.
For instance it is impossible to create a STENCIL renderbuffer, ie the
GL will return an error even if the command is correct.
I also found almost impossible to make work more than one FBO, probably
because of buggy context switches.

I hope that it will be fixed in the next release, but when will it be?
Unluckily, a powerful video card is not enough to program with opengl,
but very stable drivers are required as well, or you'll get mad while trying
to make work your program.
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