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Default Re: Game Jackal anyone?

Originally Posted by j0j081
does this use a lot of resources or anything else i should know about before trying it? also, why did you buy 3 licenses? it wouldn't let you use the same license on more than one computer?
This program is very good at resource management. I have it autostart when Windows loads. It periodically checks for updates when it loads. All of these options are user selectable.

I can't tell you whether it would be physically possible to use the same license on more than one computer but you do have to internet authenticate the license file they email to you. I purchased three licenses because I am an attorney who has represented companies sued for software piracy and it is no fun. I emailed the company beforehand and they said I need one license per computer. Most licenses say one computer only or, if multiple computers are permissable, it must be impossible to have more than one copy going on at the same time.

It is not uncommon for four computers to be on at once at my house (one runs Win ME which is not supported by game Jackal). This is great for the kids because they can run all of their games from one menu (you can even run no-profile games from the menu) and I don't have to worry about scratched or dirty discs any more. (have you ever tried cleaning a disc with peanutbutter on it?)
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Default Re: Game Jackal anyone?

Do you or your kids happen to play Madden 06 or NBA Live 06? If so, does it work with them? I went against my own policy and bought them knowing there wasn't a no-cd patch available yet. It's driving me crazy.

Edit: Excellent, downloaded the trial and it does work with NBA Live 06 and Madden 06 so I'll definitely be purchasing the utility. The only issue I have with Madden is that I need to figure out how to incorporate the "runfirst" command in the profile. This is needed to make the game run properly with the X2 cpu.

Edit 2: Dang, definitely doesn't work with starforce though. Oh well, that leaves only GTR and SCCT to annoy me.
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Default Re: Game Jackal anyone?

I don't use no-cd cracks nor leave the cd in. I use clonecd to rip it and then daemon tools to mount it. So long as you rip the original CD and not a burned copy, it can even defeat starforce protection if you do a few tricks (though fortunately I don't own any starforce games, so it has never been necessary.)
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