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Gus Wirth
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Default TV-OUT causes X startup failure

This is a bug report I sent off to NVIDIA concerning my MX440 card. I'm
posting it here in case someone else has this problem and needs to find a work around. I'm not attaching the log files.

SUMMARY: When a system is set up for TwinView and clones the CRT to TV-OUT, X will hang on startup.

SYSTEM: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440 64MB AGP, Jetway 663AS Ultra Motherboard w/Via KT133A chipset, Athlon 1.4GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 200GB Seagate harddrive.

SOFTWARE: NVIDIA drivers 7676 release, KnoppMyth R5V16 (based on
Knoppix/Debian 3.1), XFree86, kernel 2.6.11 with patches


The system is set up using TwinView so that the TV-OUT connection is a
clone of the CRT. With the SVIDEO/Composite connector connected to the
card, the system boots to a command line interface. The output is seen on
both the CRT and the composite TV-OUT. When X is started, X will hang.
Review of the logs indicates that X hangs when the TV portion of the card
capabilities is being probed.

If the system is started without the SVIDEO/Composite connector connected,
the system can be brought up to a command line interface. If the
SVIDEO/Composite connector is then attached, X will start fully and will
display on both the CRT and the TV-OUT.

WORKAROUND: Start the system without the SVIDEO/Composite connector
attached until the system is at a command line interface. Attach the
SVIDEO/Composite connector, then start X.

I have attached the output of the nvidia-bug-report.sh program, with one
modification. When X was attempting to start up, running the script would
hang on the "cat /proc/drivers/nvidia/cards/*". I remarked out that line so
that all the system info could be gathered while X was in a hung state.

I also did an strace of the X process and have attached that as well; the
file is named Xfail-nvidia. The important point to know in that file is the
last line showing a hang in an IOCTL. The strace was accomplished by using
the following command:

sudo -b strace -o Xfail-nvidia X -verbose 5 -logverbose 5

I also created a process list using "ps -ef". The result is a file called

Other than the X failure, the system continued to function. Logs and
reports were generated by ssh'ing into the box. Running top showed no CPU
activity attributable to X when it was in the hung state.

Gus Wirth
Kernel-Panic Linux Users Group
San Diego, California, USA
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Default Re: TV-OUT causes X startup failure

weird, i had an issue with my FX 5200 and XFree86, i never got it to start X with the TV plugged in, just wouldnt work if i had anything in my config about the 2nd monitor(tv) and/or had the TV plugged in, would ONLY work with it unplugged and not in the config ;(

on my 6800GT and xorg though it works/starts fine on both screens wether the TV is plugged in or not
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