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Michael Campbel
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Default Linux Drivers for STB nVidia TNT 16 MB?

I just posted a similar message on the main nVidia forum page, not realizing that there was a specific "legacy cards" forum. Sorry for the double post.

I have an old Dell XPS-R450 which I have VectorLinux 5.1 working on. It runs fine with the stock "nv" driver, but it is painfully slow. I would like to get an accelerated nVidia driver for this machine to try to speed it up. The R450 came with an STB nVidia TNT 16 MB video card.

Is this card supported by any of the accelerated nVidia drivers? The current crop don't seem to - they build and install OK, but when I reboot, the computer more or less freezes up - I get the white nVidia splash screen, but it never clears. The OS' desktop shows up, superimposed on the nVidia splash screen and that is it. I have to reboot to get control back.

Does anyone have an STB nVidia TNT 16MB card working with an accelerated nVidia driver? Could you post which one it is? Thanks!
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Default Re: Linux Drivers for STB nVidia TNT 16 MB?

STB... the company that was purchased by 3dFx in late '98 and produced under that brand Voodoo 3-4-5. Ah, the memries....

Ahem, back on topic, you should try to peruse the archives over at Nvidia.com, as their current drivers don't support the TNTs, only TNT2 and later.
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