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Default Help would be appreciated

OK, I downloaded both of the tar.gz files and untared each of them (or whatever you call it) into a new directory and ran the whole "make install" thing. Both did their things without an error. So far, so good. So then, I go to my XF86Config-4 file and see Load "glx" is already in there and neither of the two lines that are supposed to be removed were there at all. I change Driver "nv" to Driver "nvidia" and save the file. Upon a reboot command everything goes normally up until x is supposed to start itself and then the whole thing just goes to hell. Instead of x, I see a red rectangle in the top left of the screen, and a matrix-like display of assorted characters all over the rest of the screen and it is locked up. No amount of Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, Ctrl+Alt+Delete or anything like that has any effect, and I finally have to just hit the power button (which linux hates...) I've attached the copy of my XF86Config-4 file that crashes x(to get it to attach, i added a .txt to the file name) ... as far as I can tell, it should result in me actually being able to use the new nvidia drivers.. unfortunately to actually make my system usable, the one I'm using at the moment is identical to that one except Driver "nvidia" is Driver "nv" and Load "glx" is commented out... any help anyone can provide about what I'm doing wrong would be much appreciated..
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Sounds like you're running Redhat; I have a working Redhat installation- want me to take an (interactive) look at it?

Email me at kilroy@kamakiriad.com and we can settle on the details. Or, reach me on an IM client: "WheelDweller@tipic.com" for Jabber, or "WheelDweller" on AIM, Yahoo, or ICQ: 5119262.

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Two things that come to my mind immediately:

1) agp rate, sba, fw. One or more of them is causing grief. However, this issue is more likely...
2) framebuffer interaction. While booting Linux, do you have a graphical penguin logo in the upper portion of your screen and a non-80x25 vga resolution? If so, I suspect either vesafb or rivafb have been initialized, and nvidia.o/NVdriver are known to not play well with either. If vesafb/rivafb are compiled as modules, you can simply remove offending references to them; otherwise you'll need to recompile your kernel without those configuration options enabled.
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