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Post frogbeastegg's Guide to Rome: Total War


Any Roman Soldier outhere ?

Found a very usefull guide with the "basics" of Rome Total war.
I was playing the game without knowing really how to play it the way it was intented to be played .. was Having HUGE!!! problems with money and finding next to useless diplomats and most of buildings you can create in the game until now. Since the game manuals are extremely simple and doesnt cover many of the things you need to know to really inmerse you in the game.

For example found just recently a feature , [view settlements on battlemap] on the settlemenst menu that was always there a little hidden ,but never noticed.. and cant stop using now , which show how it looks each city inside. . and discovered just recently that generals can be adopted or developed from very basic infantery ..or that spyes infected with the plague can be used as a weapon to contaminate enemy cities.. and while FLoods and Storms and plague exist in the game ,after playing it for months ramdonly,never though that earthquakes also were possible in the game... Playing as the Roman Julii family ,and have a huge army spread in the east and the west. It is fun for me to collect the best mercenaries from others factions outhere.. many dont know this ,but it was a common practice for Romans to hire proffesionals from other countries to fight for them.

Still playing the original RTW cant stop playing it ,have not touched the mods yet either , even though bought the Barvarian Invasion mission pack too.. looks like this game could last me easily until the end of year and more with all the things that are possible already in and the ones that will be possible with the mod community in the game.
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