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Default Are there recommended requirements on the box?

I cannot find them on the web, and I've searched around the forum here with no luck. Do they not publish any recommended specs?

I ran Doom 3 fine on my 2400+ on high settings, but am wondering if I cna do the same with Q4....
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Default Re: Are there recommended requirements on the box?

I just see min requirements listed on the box. I haven't gotten far yet in Q4 but it seems to run pretty much like Doom 3 so if you ran it fine, Q4 will probably be okay also.

Edit: This thread has the min requirements in it (as listed on the box).

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Default Re: Are there recommended requirements on the box?

those min requirements are very generous. q4 will eat your system alive.. and from what i can see on some benchmarks that techreport.com linked to, it seems that this game is more cpu limited than vid card.

i have a amd 2500-m @ 2.3ghz, 2x512 pc3200, BFG 6800nu OC unlocked, and i get fps in the 40's in heavy firefights.. q4 settings at low quality in 800x.

i have a feeling your performance will be even lower. that is to say if your interested in MP.. if your just going to play through single player you should be ok.
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Default Re: Are there recommended requirements on the box?

If Doom runs fine on your system then Quake 4 will. In fact, it seems to run much better than Doom in some situations.
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