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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

ive been getting freezes in CS:S with my 81.xx drivers (used 84's and 85's) but i think this may be to my dual core cpu. i will have to do more tests....
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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

Only problem i get on my 6800GT is when i have Java loaded by using azureus and lets say i playback a video it gets all messed up, system freezes. I have to set AA to application pref or the same problem happens.
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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

no problems on the system below using 81.85 on 64 bit XP.
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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

Originally Posted by K-1
Well, just so other 6800GT owners don't get scared: i've been using the WHQL 81.85s since they came out, played lots of FEAR, Doom 3, Quake 4, CS and DOD Source, and Brothers in Arms: EiB. Not a single problem at all during all that gaming.

Same results here. No problems at all for me.
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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

Originally Posted by TierMann
Is your card AGP or PCI-E?
My card is AGP. I'm also OC-ed a bit, to 370/1050.
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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

ok here i have AGP 6800U but if i go in the display setting. the screen lose it brigthness and the only way to get it back is to change the screen refresh rate to any. and i can put it back where it was before
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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

seems to be a problem with abit mobos, cause i had lockups too with the 81.85 drivers (abit is7, gigabyte 6800gt), but for me the 81.87 betas solved the problem

maybe its worth a try for you.

Originally Posted by AJCrowley
Thanks guys, it's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who's having this problem (it means my card's not buggered).

I'm itching to play Far Cry with HDR and AA enabled, but it looks like I'll have to wait. I haven't tried the 81.87 betas, but I doubt that they will resolve the issue. I usually disable system restore, but after my latest reformat, I must have forgotten, which was a stroke of luck, as it took me only a couple of hours of screwing around to get everything working again.

Hopefully the 8200 series will resolve this issue in the not too distant future.

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Ubr Baked
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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

Im too scared to even try those drivers now
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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

have you tried a different power supply,the new drivers may make the card work a little harder and it may need more juice,or amps on the 12v line.So far with my Evga 6800ultra I have not had no problems that I am aware of.
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Unhappy Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

Originally Posted by AJCrowley
I've been having trouble with the 8100 series of Forceware since it started circulating in beta, and most recently the 81.85 WHQL. While running these drivers, Windows will freeze a few seconds after I log in, and if I leave it for about 30 seconds, the computer will reboot. I've tried these on a brand spanking new and sparkly clean install of XPSP2 (so no conflicts with existing ForceWare installs), and the problem persists, so it doesn't appear to be related to any software outside of the drivers. It also seems to cause problems with my Directshow, and after updating the drivers (this may be coincidental), I cannot watch any MPEG4 or MPEG2 based video. Rolling back the drivers to the 7800 series allows me to regain the use of my computer, but Directshow still refuses to correctly render video.

I am running (nothing overclocked, everything@stock speeds:
XFX 6800GT (AGP)
Intel P4 2.8GHz
1gb OCZ PC4000 RAM

I can't think of anything else that may be relevant, but please let me know if there's any more info I could provide that may be of use. Normally, I wouldn't care, and would continue to use the old drivers, but there's a number of fixes in the 81.85 for games that I play, as well as the concern that I may be doomed to never be able to use drivers newer than 78.82.

Thanks in advance for your help, this is driving me out of my mind.

I've had the same problem. Not sure what the cause was exactly, but i know it had to do with the 81.85whql drivers. If i was in clone mode my setup was fine but the minute i went dual screen extended view boom my computer froze. I know my video card isn't crappying out on me as i have no problem with the latest ones in linux in dual monitor mode. Well i thought that i should re-install my OS as it was still a fresh install as i was re-installing anyways and i installed some older drivers and bam it works fine. I think it's a problem with the latest drivers. Could be an issue with abit mobo's but i'm not exactly sure. I do have an abit mobo the IC7-G and i'm running a Leadtek 6800nu card. So hopefully this is caused by the drivers and not our hardware going bad.
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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

Am I to understand that everyone that has a problem also has an Abit mobo?

Cause I was gonna dl the latest drivers but have became wary after reading the posted info.
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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

I've got a gigabyte board and it still happens to me.
The cause is still unknown so give them a try. If they work, they seem to work well, but if not you can always go back to an older set.
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