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Default Re: Black screen/Lock up after installing Nvidia drivers? Heres how i fixed it...

@Circuit Breaker: the 'Removing NVIDIA TLS links...' message is generated by the /etc/init.d/nvidia-glx script; be sure you removed the nvidia-glx package - if you removed it without the --purge option, you'll need to manually delete the aforementioned script to keep it from altering the NVIDIA Linux graphics driver installation at startup.
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Default Re: Black screen/Lock up after installing Nvidia drivers? Heres how i fixed it...

Okay, get this...

Every time I uninstall the driver -- even before I started mucking around with it -- it would tell me it had been modified since install and would remove itself as best it could. No big deal, though it is a little odd.

Looking at my boot sequence, it always removed TLS at a certain spot in the sequence, so I went to /etc/rc2.d and looked for nvidia stuff. I found nvidia-glx and nvidia-kernel, and both are symlinks to /etc/init.d/nvidia-*.

So I open nvidia-glx and find where it's removing TLS. I don't notice until later that it's VERSION="1.0.8178". Perhaps it's left over from my previous Debian package install attempt? Anywhoo, it's being loaded at boot time, so I'll perhaps try an experiment later to uninstall via the script and then see if the files still exist and if so, remove them. Still, I see reference to /etc/default/nvidia-glx, for the sole purpose of forcing the use of TLS! So I edit that file, reboot, and now it says "Creating NVIDIA TLS links" instead of the former "Removing"... but it doesn't create them. I edit the init.d file again, and I now notice that in the "Creating" section, it removes them. Then it supposedly makes an attempt at creation with 'ln -s /usr/lib/nvidia/libnvidia-tls.so.$VERSION /usr/lib/tls/libnvidia-tls
.so.$VERSION', but it apparently fails as no links are created.

So I commented out the two modules of code there, because that's all they seem to do. I now get a syntax error on boot (so I just need to edit it again and be more careful this time) but at least my gears spin now.

Thanks again for your help!


As it turns out, I use Opera, and when I open it, it opens to the last pages I viewed... but it uses its cache, so I didn't see your reply until after I posted mine.

Are you saying that the 7174 version does not use /etc/init.d/nvidia-glx? What about nvidia-kernel? I understand from your post that I can safely remove -glx, so can I safely remove -kernel as well? It doesn't seem to indicate a version in it like the -glx does.

So this tells me I am on the right track. Thanks again!
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