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Default Re: **Official NFS Most Wanted Demo Thread**

So, I noticed that there's some of that "teh bloom" being used everywhere. Doesn't look like variable-aperture HDR however, it just look like a Guild Wars-esque post-process bloom. On the other hand, judging from videos I've seen at Gamespot, the X360 version *does* seem to have dynamic exposure HDR, with everything becoming overbright for a fraction of a second as you emerge out of a tunnel yada yada (you know the drill).
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Default Re: **Official NFS Most Wanted Demo Thread**

Something as basic as creating an online account is a nightmare in this . The controls are a bit dodgy too. I need to tone down the sensitivity.
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Default Re: **Official NFS Most Wanted Demo Thread**

Originally Posted by einstein_314
Looks good jAkUp!! Only 48 min left...Stupid 1.5mb adsl.
Hey! Be grateful. Here in South Africa most people only have dial-up.
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Default Re: **Official NFS Most Wanted Demo Thread**

This game is almost perfect in stereo 3-D once you turn off the over bright effect and drop the visual treatment option down to low. (this must be the post-processing effect) These can be found in the advanced option section under the visual tab.
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Default Re: **Official NFS Most Wanted Demo Thread**

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Default Re: **Official NFS Most Wanted Demo Thread**

Awesome demo the graphics are very nice. The pursuit mode rocks and they are quite good trying to nail you down., radio chatter is fun to listen sounds very realistic.

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Default Re: **Official NFS Most Wanted Demo Thread**

Im dieing to try this out but im stuck in work at the mo

It looks really nice from the pics people are posting. Whats the sense of speed like in the game?

Do the cops pud down spikes and roadblocks like they did before?

Could you post more pics please
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Default Re: **Official NFS Most Wanted Demo Thread**

I've made a small video of the Rockridge & union race:
Click here (20Mo)...and tell me what you think of it
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goodmorning mr. Freeman
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Default Re: **Official NFS Most Wanted Demo Thread**

Of course EA chooses to host the demo on crappy working servers (once again). All the servers listed here never work good for me (the USA servers). Atm i can download the demo at 11kb/s from the FTP server of EA. The rest simply doesnt work.

EDIT : Actually got it off fileplanet... thats a first.. didnt have to wait long this time. Now lets see whats all the fuzz is about.
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Default Re: **Official NFS Most Wanted Demo Thread**

Really nice demo, and its playable on my 6800nu @ 1280x960, all maxed out, without any AA (drivers 81.85).
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Default Re: **Official NFS Most Wanted Demo Thread**

After having testet NFS:MW thoroughly it seems that the game has a similar problem as Doom3, Quake4 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 - namely that the game uses a 60 Hz tic rate (some people cannot see this - but try to play Doom3 or Quake4 for a while in 60 Hz or 120 Hz on a CRT using a powerful system that can sustain 60 FPS, then it is nearly impossible to accept the horrible jerkiness accompanied by refresh-rates that do not match "60"). Therefore NFS:MW will only perform optimally when frames per second hit 60 or 120 (or 180, 240 etc.) using active vsync - and the game will tend to be a bit jerky and "out of sync" especially when hitting in the 50'ies (which greatly hurts immersion - especially if someone remembers the great arcade games from SEGA that always performed at 60 FPS/Hz). So 40 FPS really feels like in the low 20'ies in this game. I have tested this over and over using FRAPS, so when people in this thread refer to NFS:MW being playable using "X" settings and "Y" resolution, then I would read such a bold statement as if these persons are getting at least 60 FPS or 120 FPS (which they probably are not at maxed settings in resolutions beyond 1024x768 unless powerful SLI or Crossfire setups are being used).

So my 5 cents would be to be careful with subjective estimations - telling someone that NFS:MW is awesome on your system may not provide other people with relevant information unless you provide extensive data and objective measurement on your performance.
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Default Re: **Official NFS Most Wanted Demo Thread**

Nice shots jak/OWA .. i'm still downloading heh ..

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