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Default nVidia drivers and frame buffer for console


after trying several distros, I decided to stick with SuSE 8.0 for my Acer 634lc.

One common problem to all the distros I tried is the console being screwed up (vertical lines) after loading the nvidia drivers. FYI my lilo.conf contains vga=794. Is there any solution ?

Before installing the drivers, I added two line to my rc.config

After installing them, I get the graphical login again and my keyboard layout is french in the console. Any hint ?

TIA, Marc
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I heard there's issues surrounding these drivers and vesa framebuffer consoles. To disable the framebuffer console, use "vga=normal" or "vga=extended", then reinstall lilo.
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According to /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/README,
having rivafb framebuffer drivers and the nvidia module is having two sets of drivers touching the same hardware directly. In other words a bad thing.
Disable framebuffer support.
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So I disabled frame buffer device support and recompiled a kernel.

With vga=extended, display on the console is still screwed-up and the toolbar in KDE is screwed-up as well (though slightly).

With vga=normal, console is less screwed-up but still (dark and refresh rate seems like 20 Hz) and KDE toolbar is ok.

So even without frame buffer, my console is screwed-up from the moment that I load the nVidia drivers.

Anyone a suggestion ?


BTW, I fixed my keyboard and login manager. For some reason, the values were initialised from /etc/sysconfig/some_file instead of /etc/rc.config.
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Send a message via ICQ to mtrr

/etc/sysconfig/.... ist the right place, rc.config
is obsolete.

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